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Set Alert for Autonomy

Baraja Touts Doppler Lidar as Answer to Long-Range Object Detection

Baraja’s semi-solid-state lidar sensor uses a prism to direct the beam along the vertical axis without requiring moving parts, allowing the box to shrink in size for more discrete packaging into the vehicle.

Autonomous Vehicles ADAS

Autonomous Vehicles from Hype to Reality 3: AI and Communications Challenges

Companies and investors are pumping billions of dollars into the autonomous vehicle sector for the chance to score big in this nascent market. Early movers are getting a jump on the competition with partnerships, pilot projects and production. This article analyzes survey results related to AI and Communications.

Autonomy Artificial Intelligence

Lidar Hits the Road Part 1: Early OEM and Tier 1 Adopters of Automotive Lidar

Developers and investors are pumping billions of dollars into lidar technology for the chance to score big in this nascent market.  Early adopters getting a jump on the competition with partnerships and production.

Autonomy ADAS

Software Defined Architectures: The Burgeoning Business Model

Next-generation E/E architectures will create new business models for automakers and suppliers. But a Wards Intelligence survey shows few see themselves as pacesetters, and there’s some uncertainty about where the best monetization opportunities are. The massive change in operations, and the associated costs, will put constraints on the timeframe and depth of the changes in infrastructure and vehicle architectures that OEMs will be able to address.

E/E Architecture Mobility

Autonomous Vehicle Sensors - Making Sense of The World

Sensors provide data about the surroundings so AVs can safely share the roads with others and navigate a dynamic environment reliably without the need for driver intervention.

Autonomy Autonomous Vehicles

Crash Course in Autonomous Vehicles: Overview of AV Market and Technologies

Self-driving vehicles take data from sensors and use it to interpret the surrounding environment.  AI software determines the current situation and location, then controls the speed and plots a path to the target destination.

Autonomy Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles Arrive in Limited Numbers – What Took So Long?

AVs from GM, Cruise, Audi, Honda, Toyota and Baidu are beginning to trickle out of factories, as the self-driving dream starts to become a reality.  Development time, lagging regulations, varying safety requirements, rare edge cases, and sensor issues are challenges to this emerging industry.

Autonomy Autonomous Vehicles

Bosch Realigns Development Org as Software-Defined Vehicle Gains Traction

The supplier says its new cross-domain engineering approach will help Bosch keep pace with the three megatrends – electrification, automated driving and connectivity – that are transforming the industry.

Connectivity ADAS

Augmented Reality Makes Car’s Front End ‘Disappear’

Intelligent visual tech developed by Kyocera creates an optical illusion suggesting the front elements of an auto are totally transparent when seen from the interior.

Autonomy Artificial Intelligence

Thermal-Sensor Developer Looks for Boost From Tougher AEB Testing

AdaSky believes its night-vision sensor can make pedestrian-crash-avoidance technology work more reliably. A push in the right direction from regulators and other testers could help convince automakers.

Autonomy ADAS

NXP Launches Next-Gen Radar

The new sensor suite is scalable from basic forward-sensing applications to more sophisticated high-definition 4D radar, accommodating everything from entry-level ADAS features to fully automated Level 4-5 technology.

Autonomy ADAS

Radar Developer Lunewave Draws $7 Million in Initial Investment Round

The U.S.-based start-up also adds two auto-industry veterans to its board of directors.

ADAS Autonomous Vehicles

High-Res Digital Mapping Supports AV Rollout

Mauro Rossi, director-advanced technology platforms at Ontario-based Communitech, says automakers would be able to download data from these open-source maps for their own autonomous-vehicle operating systems.

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