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Set Alert for Propulsion

AutoTech Check: ’21 Ford Bronco and ’22 Maverick

Ford’s Maverick compact pickup and Bronco off-roader show off the automaker’s engineering capabilities across two widely different light-vehicle segments.

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Hydrogen ICEs Touted as Alternative to Fuel Cells, Batteries

Jim Nebergall, general manager of the hydrogen-engine business at Cummins, sees hydrogen-fueled engines as a good short- and medium-term solution to decarbonizing the long-haul, heavy-duty truck market.

Propulsion Engines

Bentley Commits to Electrified Future

The move to transition to an all-electric lineup is part of a £2.5 billion sustainability initiative planned for the next 10 years.

Electrified Vehicles

Blink, Wallbox Make Charging News at CES, While Upstarts Reveal 2022 Plans

Blink and Wallbox introduce new chargers for home and commercial use at CES, WirelessCar wants to alleviate range anxiety, while upstarts REE and Lightning show off commercial BEV platforms.

Electrification Charging

Mercedes-Benz BEV Concept Measures the Miles (Per kWh)

In a world full of BEVs offering 3-4 miles per kWh, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX registers a stunning 6.2 miles per kWh, giving the vehicle more than 600 miles of range from a sub-100-kWh battery.

Electrified Vehicles Motors

Q&A: Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir Discusses Unique Motor-Control Technology

Improving the efficiency of electric motors is the core technology under development by Exro Technologies. The company’s Coil Driver employs a patented system of motor management that can eliminate the need for multiple motors to power everything from electric bicycles to medium-duty trucks.  

Motors Electrified Vehicles

Toyota: $70 Billion for Electrification; Li-Cycle Ups Recycling Capacity; Paper Batteries?

Toyota ups its BEV lineup but still is keeping ICEs around, while a Canadian recycler is expanding a facility and paper batteries that biodegrade in a month are developed.

Electrification Batteries

Automakers Banking on Advanced Combustion Concepts for ICE Efficiency

As the automotive industry hurtles toward an electrified future, the internal-combustion engine remains a significant part of the mix. Our industry survey indicates a handful of technologies are expected to improve ICE efficiency in the coming decade, with advanced combustion concepts leading the way.

Engines Propulsion

Rising Demand Draws New Investment in China’s NEV Sector

Analysts say suppliers are ramping up battery capacity and making other strategic investments as demand for battery-electric vehicles hits new highs in 2021.

Market Analysis Electrified Vehicles

Stellantis, LG, Samsung Gigafactories; Tesla Embraces LFP; Supercharger Network to Triple

The European/American automaker announces it will partner with two titans of Li-ion cell-making for batteries for North American-built BEVs.

Electrification Batteries

Hydrogen Developments Speed Toward Still-Distant Fuel-Cell Future

Hydrogen Day (Oct. 8 = 1.008, the atomic weight of hydrogen) always produces news on the fuel-cell vehicle front. But great expectations for a hydrogen-powered future are being tempered by reality.

Electrification Commercial Vehicles

Induction Motors Gaining Traction at GM, BMW

The move to eliminate expensive, rare-earth magnets from automotive traction motors is driving a wave of innovation in induction-motor technology.

Drivetrains Propulsion

GM’s Grewe on Lightweighting BEV Battery Packs, Material Choices

General Motors has big BEV plans, aiming for 1 million sales globally by 2025. Tim Grewe is one of the execs leading the charge, and looking for ways to create stronger, lighter pack designs.

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Hardware Consolidation: The Key to Reducing Costs, Achieving Long-Term Sustainable Business.

Across the automotive supply chain, software-defined architectures appear to be following a clear path to ensure future-proof vehicles. With software architectures disrupting the traditional hardware-based automotive industry, progress in semiconductor component development is essential to consolidate and achieve the desired system simplification and cost effectiveness for the mobility industry of the future.

E/E Architecture Mobility

Luminar Scores Lidar Homeruns With Heavy Hitter OEMs and Tier 1s

Luminar becomes a true luminary in the AV sector after scoring investments and agreements with major OEMs and Tier 1s for integration of its technology in future ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Autonomy ADAS

Eat Your Heart Out, Detroit: Autonomous Volvo SUV With Ride Pilot to Debut in California First

Volvo Cars plans to debut its new unsupervised Ride Pilot system in California with testing to begin in 2022, and will offer the feature as a paid subscription to consumers after it is validated.

Autonomy Mobility

Six Minute Webinar Episode 17 Robotaxis Taking to Streets as Self-Driving Technology Accelerates

Billions of dollars and intense competition define this early market for autonomous vehicles. Listen and find out how Robotaxis are creating a new mobility paradigm.

Autonomy Autonomous Vehicles

Arm Strengthens Automotive IP Portfolio with SOAFEE

On Sept. 15, Arm announced a new direction in its IP and technology portfolio to address the transformation of the automotive industry whose center of gravity is rapidly moving toward software, rather than hardware, components.

It appears evident that open-software platforms are of strategic import for the new mobility era. This role is evident not only from different bodies and companies investing in them, but also the effect on regional interests that are characterizing the automotive industry lately, with counterposing economic powers trying to dominate.


Mobility Autonomy

BlueCruise: Ride the Pony Hands Free as 2022 Mustang Mach-E GT Takes to Streets

Ford’s BlueCruise is a strong addition to the Level 2+ driver assistance sector, scoring a solid “B” in performance and promising more reliable hands-free driving in more locations as the technology evolves.

Autonomy ADAS

GENIVI Rebranding Reflects Auto Connectivity’s Faster Pace

There has been industry chatter the adoption of Google operating systems is making the GENIVI Alliance unnecessary, but even Google sources say that’s not true.

Connectivity Cockpit of the Future

Software Defined Vehicles: A Fierce Shift from Hardware to Software Architectures

Across the automotive supply chain, software-defined vehicles appear to be following a clear path to future-proof architectures. Software architectures and standardized software platforms are fundamental to simplifying vehicle functional complexity while keeping up with the pace of technology and innovation, spanning from vehicle’s implementation to the back end and infrastructure digitalization.

Mobility E/E Architecture

Robotaxis Taking to Streets as Self-Driving Technology Accelerates

Billions of dollars of investment and development are paying off as major robotaxi companies plan to launch commercial ride-hailing services over the next three years.

Autonomy Autonomous Vehicles

Smarter Than Humans? AI for AVs: Sensing, Perception, Prediction and Planning

Autonomous vehicles use AI running on powerful processors to make sense of sensor data to perceive the world around them and chart a safe path to the destination.

Autonomy Artificial Intelligence

Q&A: Amazon’s Zoox Executives Talk Tech and Mobility-As-A-Service

Zoox CFO Ilan Hart and Bruce Baumgartner, Vice President of Procurement & Strategic Partnerships, discuss their company, their technology and the future of personal transportation in urban areas.

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